Safety is a concern that most of Santa Ana’s residents share. Our city needs to have an honest conversation about community policing and building trust between the city and the community. As Councilmember, and board member of the Public Safety Committee, Roman introduced the conversation of body cameras. Body cameras serve to protect both the community and the interests of the police department. Cameras give residents a peace of mind when they interact with police officers who are there to serve; and officers can do their job adequately without the fear of being accused of misusing authority. Public safety begins with trust, and body cameras are just the first step in building that relationship.

Roman also has regional experience working with the county. Roman had the honor of serving on Orange County Fire Authority Board. Unfortunately, due to economic challenges before Roman was elected Councilmember, the City Council voted to outsource the Santa Ana Fire Department responsibilities to a regional agency. As a member of the Orange County Fire Authority board, Roman worked to ensure that the needs of the city were being addressed and met.