Roman Reyna, Santa Ana City Council Candidate Ward 4Roman Reyna, Candidato al Concejo Municipal de Santa Ana, Distrito 4

Roman Reyna, Santa Ana City Council Candidate Ward 4Roman Reyna, Candidato al Concejo Municipal de Santa Ana, Distrito 4

Change Starts With Conversation El Cambio Comienza Con La Conversación

Change Starts With Conversation El Cambio Comienza Con La Conversación

Life long Santa Ana native in touch with the needs of the city and it’s people.

Increase Business In Santa Ana, Not TaxesHay Que Aumentar Los Negocios En Santa Ana, No Los Impuestos

Increase Business In Santa Ana, Not Taxes

Measure X proposes an increase in sales taxes. Let’s focus on increasing business in Santa Ana instead of increasing taxes.

Improvement Opportunities

There is nothing more important than another caring human being.

Economic DevelopmentDesarroyo Econimico

Santa Ana is a vibrant community that sees a lot business from in and out of the city. The Santa Ana Auto Mall, Westfield Mall, and Downtown Santa Ana generate a large amount of revenue for the city and we should continue to support them. But we cannot deny that the backbone of the economy are small businesses. Small businesses who invest in our city, time and time again, need our support to grow and to continue to invest in the betterment of our city. From the first day Roman took his seat at the dais, he urged the community to shop Santa Ana. As Councilmember, he directed staff to create commercial content to promote a business friendly Santa Ana. Roman is ready to continue to invest our taxpayer dollars back into the city and encourage all Santaneros to keep their dollars in Santa Ana.

Public Safety

Safety is a concern that most of Santa Ana’s residents share. Our city needs to have an honest conversation about community policing and building trust between the city and the community. As Councilmember, and board member of the Public Safety Committee, Roman introduced the conversation of body cameras. Body cameras serve to protect both the community and the interests of the police department. Cameras give residents a peace of mind when they interact with police officers who are there to serve; and officers can do their job adequately without the fear of being accused of misusing authority. Public safety begins with trust, and body cameras are just the first step in building that relationship.

Roman also has regional experience working with the county. Roman had the honor of serving on Orange County Fire Authority Board. Unfortunately, due to economic challenges before Roman was elected Councilmember, the City Council voted to outsource the Santa Ana Fire Department responsibilities to a regional agency. As a member of the Orange County Fire Authority board, Roman worked to ensure that the needs of the city were being addressed and met.

Youth DevelopmentEl Desarrollo de la Juventud

The most valuable asset to our community, is our youth. Our youth have goals and ambitions to improve their community and improve the quality of life for themselves and their families. They are currently advocating for themselves, and need our support to ensure they have the best opportunities possible. Youth want after school programs, mentorships and internships, sports programs, and higher education and job opportunities. We need to invest in our youth to ensure that our city continues to thrive. As a Councilmember, Roman directed staff to improve the quality of service at our city community centers by offering more programs. Under Roman’s leadership, the city expanded their sports programs from one program to five. He also, brought back the Catalina Camp-Out program, a week-long trip that allows for Santa Ana youth to experience life outside of the city. When it came to appointing commissioners, at least half of Roman’s appointees were millennials, allowing young people who want to get involved an opportunity to learn and to grow. Roman is an advocate for a joint use agreement between the City and the Santa Ana Unified School District that will increase the services we can provide to the community. Our youth are the future and we need to do more to foster their growth.

Roman\'s Achievments

Increased Police Presence

Increased the number of police officers patrolling Santa Ana by 13%

Police Body Cameras

Launched Santa Ana's Police Body Camera Program

Increased Business Licenses

Increased Santa Ana's business license count to nearly 30,000

Shop Santa Ana Project

Effort to keep Santa Ana's tax dollars in Santa Ana

Youth Sports

Increased the number of Santa Ana's youth sports programs

Improved Parks

Increased Santa Ana's Parks Program budget by $3 million

Strengthened School District

Increased school district unification through joint-use agreements

Promote Healthy Living

Started a new Santa Ana 5k to promote healthy living

Ongoing Efforts

Continuously increasing list of efforts to improve the community

Roman's Experience

Santa Ana City Planning

City Planning Commissioner

Santa Ana City Council

City Council Member

Orange County Water District Board Member

Board Member

Trustee Of The Orange County Fire Authority


Santa Ana Public Safety Committee Member

Committee Member

Santa Ana Unified School District Board Member

Board Member

There is nothing more important than another caring human being